About Us

    Von Hoffmann Landscape Architecture has been designing and building high quality residential landscapes for over twenty years. Projects vary in scope and can include master planning and construction for large residential properties as well as design for more intimate. small scale gardens. With an emphasis on each clients’ individual requirements, each property is studied and evaluated during a design phase.

    Plans, elevations, and perspective sketches are drawn up and estimates established.

    The company’s own crew carefully constructs each project. The construction phase begins with properly engineered grading and drainage followed by the installation of patios, walkways, walls. driveways. pools, ponds. and plantings. Making the new landscape fit the existing architecture in an aesthetically and functionally pleasing way is what the company does best. No two gardens will look the same because each properly dictates unique architectural cues which are incorporated into the layout of the elements of the garden. Artistic, yet clearly functional, beautiful outdoor spaces are created.


    The Von Hoffmann’s goal is to establish year round interest and stimulate all
    five senses by introducing elements in the garden to delight their clients and their families for years to come.